Rust Genie has just arrived!
Just spray your rust stain and watch it disappear right before your eyes.
Simply spray on, wait 30-60 seconds and rinse.
That’s it!

Rust is the result of a process called oxidation that stains anything it touches, RustGenie uses our secret propriety formula to transform nasty rust stains into harmless salts that dissolve in water when you rinse it before your eyes.

Perfect for rust stain removal on most surfaces and materials

• Toilets • Bathtubs • Concrete
• Vehicles • Fabrics • Fiberglass
• Boat Hulls • Boat Cushions • Stainless steel rims
• Carpets • Brake dust • Chrome
• Most painted surfaces • Wood • Cooper
• Sinks

Safety is ALWAYS First!
• Always keep RustGenie and other cleaning supplies away from children.
• Always test on an inconspicuous area for colorfastness and suitability.
• You should wear rubber gloves when using RustGenie
• After use rinse sprayer with water and replace safety cap.

Please search YouTube for “ Rust Genie in Action “ to see this amazing product in action.

Let's Get In Touch

We welcome you to contact us for more information
about Rust Genie and its availability. We are working on making this amazing product more readily available to everyone.
We are in the process of looking for Investors at this time so we can make it happen!

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